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Women of the Bible Series

One of Rae's earliest mirography endeavors was to give voice to women in the biblical narrative through pieces that focus on their characters and achievements visually, composed of the verses that tell their stories.


Current Women of the Bible prints:

  • Miriam at the Sea

  • Yael

  • Devorah the Prophetess

  • Sarah Laughed

  • Rebekah at the Well

  • Rachel Hiding her Father's Idols

  • Leah, Mother of Tribes

  • Shifra & Puah

  • Ruth & Naomi

  • Bat Sheva

  • Esther

Jewish Home Series

Perfect gifts for a variety of occasions, from housewarmings to weddings to just because. 


Current Jewish Home prints:

  • Pomegranates I

  • Chamsa I - Dodi Li

  • Chamsa II - Dove / Song of Songs

  • Alef-Bet Baby Blocks

  • Shalom Rav

  • Rosh Hashanah

  • Chanukiah

  • Purim

Torah Portions (Parshiyot)

Micrography prints composed of one of the 54 Torah portions. Each print can be personalized with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah's name and date, both in English & Hebrew. All prints are standard sizes for easy framing!


Browse the most recently updated list of Torah Portion Print Availability

Tzedek (Justice) Series


Prints for a cause! The most varied of Rae's work in subject and source text, all Tzedek prints benefit a nonprofit organization that works in the field of the art's subject matter.


Current Tzedek prints:


And more on the way!

TV, Film, & Theatre Collection

Prints for fans of various TV shows, films, or stage drama. This collection is small but growing!


  • Dr Who

  • The Shining

  • Shakespeare: Macbeth

Living Torah Series

In this collection, Rae tries to fit as much of a book of the Torah as she can onto one page. She's only completed two so far, but keep an eye out for more in the future!


  • Genesis / B'reishit

  • Exodus / Shemot

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