Jonah the prophet was commanded to go to Nineveh and tell the people to repent for their evil ways, but Jonah tried to run away from his responsibilities. Of course, it's impossible to run away from God, who sent a "big fish" (often translated as "whale") to swallow Jonah. After three days of nothing better to do than reflect, Jonah promised he'd follow through with God's instructions, went to Nineveh to pass along God's message of repentance. The people repented, and they were saved -- all thanks to Jonah's warning, even if he delivered it reluctantly.

Title: Jonah & The Whale
Text: Book of Jonah (entire book)
Size: 10"x10" OR 8"x10"

NOTE: This piece is available in two sizes: 10"x10" square, which looks balanced and lovely on the wall but is not a standard framing size (meaning you may have to search harder for a ready-made 14"x14" frame and get a custom mat, or invest in full custom framing), or 8"x10", which is a standard framing size, which looks best in an 11"x14" frame matted to 8"x10". Please select the size you prefer and have the budget to frame nicely.

Jonah & The Whale