This print is filled with the text of Neil Gaiman's lecture, "Why Our Future Depends on Reading, Libraries, and Imagination," and features symbols of a wide variety of literary genres and classics, from knights in shining armor to Sherlock Holmes to the Cheshire Cat to superheroes, pirates, and aliens... all rising out of the medium that gives them life in our imaginations: a book. 

15% of proceeds from this print will go to The Reading Village in Guatemala, an organization that seeks out and purchases copies of the few children's books in existence in the local children's native language, a dying dialect of Mayan; hires linguists to translate new children's books into their language; and trains teenagers to coach younger children in reading.

This piece can be personalized with a recipient's name or other text. Makes a greatly meaningful gift for teachers, librarians, or anyone who loves books and reading.

Once Upon A Time (Neil Gaiman)