Beautiful Beyond the Pain is a nonprofit organization founded by a young woman named Alexandria Davidson to raise awareness of invisible illnesses such as the Crohn's disease which took her from this world. Those will invisible illnesses so often hear comments like, "But you don't look sick!" Many life-debilitating illnesses can leave you looking like a beauty queen on the outside, yet terribly ill on the inside. Alex loved owls and bright colors, and she found inspiration from the book of Daniel, especially verse 3 of chapter 12: "The wise shall shine like the great expanse of the sky, and those who lead the many to righteousness shall be like the stars forever and ever." 

The piece contains the Book of Daniel in Hebrew as well as verse 12:3 in English at the bottom of the owl's tail.

15% of sales from all Tzedek pieces go to the represented cause, in this case, Beautiful Beyond the Pain.

Piece can also be personalized with a name and/or brief message.

Owl: Beautiful Beyond the Pain