Text: Psalms 90-94

This greeting card is great for any occasion. Pomegranates are highly symbolic in Judaism: they supposedly have 613 seeds, the same number as Mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah; they represent plenty and fertility, and are given as gifts of goodwill on many holidays.

This card is will come with the message you send in calligraphy on the inside. I can do Hebrew, too -- use transliteration to tell me what to say, or if your computer doesn't have Hebrew-language typing capability, go to http://www.branah.com/hebrew and you can copy-paste the Hebrew letters into the box. If your Hebrew message contains any names, PLEASE include the spelling or type it in Hebrew letters. Non-names I would know how to spell from the transliteration and context, but some names can sound the same but be spelled differently.

Envelope included.

Pomegranates Card: Calligraphy Inside

Calligraphy Color