FOLDED GREETING CARD SIZE: 4"x6" - blank inside

Microscribed Text:
“צדק צדק תרדוף/ Justice, justice shall you pursue”
& “יהי זכרה מהפכה / May her memory be a revolution”
alternating Hebrew & English

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy truly embodies the verse from the Torah that she regularly cited as one of her core inspirations from her Jewish tradition: “Justice, justice shall you pursue” (Deuteronomy 16:20). After someone’s death, many Jews invoke the traditional phrase, “May their memory be a blessing” - and RBG’s memory will certainly be a blessing. But Hebrew also has another phrase used especially in memory of victims of domestic violence: “May her memory be a revolution.” Without RBG, women in America wouldn’t have access to our own credit cards & bank accounts, reproductive rights, or equal access to higher education - among dozens of other decisions and landmark cases where RBG left her mark. RBG’s work saved lives, dignity, accessibility, and the routes toward justice for all.

May her memory be a revolution: may we all strive to pursue justice as fiercely as the Notorious RBG.

This design is also available as a full-size print (8"x10").

As with all my Tzedek / Justice micrography pieces, 10% of proceeds will be passed along to a relevant nonprofit -- in this case, the ACLU in honor of RBG's beloved Women's Rights Project.

Postcard or Greeting Card: Ruth Bader Ginsburg/RBG Micrography


Greeting Card: 4"x6" (also fits into a photo frame)
Postcard: 4.25"x6"