July is #DisabilityPrideMonth: show your stripes with pride!

The zebra was adopted as a symbol for rare conditions and disabilities; many medical students are taught, "When you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras." And for many medical diagnoses, the logic may hold true: common conditions are, after all, common. However, some human bodies *do* have those less-common conditions... and while each individual "rare" condition may only affect a limited number of people, there are so many *different* rare conditions that it is not all that rare to have one of them. So while each of us may have different colored stripes -- put us all together, and you have a stampeding dazzle of zebras! (Yes, that's an actual collective noun for zebras. Dazzle on, zebra dazzle!)

While the zebra has been embraced by communities with all sorts of rare conditions and disabilities, this artist has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and the EDS community has embraced the zebra symbolism with particular enthusiasm. This design is filled with text from the (start of the) Wikipedia article on EDS, with the imagery giving a salute to the visibility and pride of all her fellow zebras, no matter the source of your stripes!

15% of proceeds from this print will go to an organization that helps provide technology so disabled students can better access virtual/distance learning. I'm currently evaluating a few options, but if you have a suggestion for a specific organization I should consider, please include it in a note! I'll decide on a beneficiary organization by September 2020, and all donations for this year's sales will be passed along by the end of December.

This piece can be personalized with a recipient's name or other text. Makes a meaningful gift for your proud zebra, or a teacher, doctor, counselor, coach, therapist, or other role model who has made life as a zebra more tolerable.

NOTE: This print is available in two sizes!
8" x 8" (square, non-standard frame)
8" x 10" (standard frame size

Rainbow Zebra - EDS / Disability Pride Micrography

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