New Design - from #Inktober2019 / #Inktober5780 - Day 31: "Official" Inktober prompt "Ripe" + Jewish Inktober prompt "Patience"

Hand-inked #micrography / #microcalligraphy of a ripe pomegranate filled with the text of Psalm 37, chosen for verses 7-8: "Be patient and wait for God, do not be vexed by the prospering man who carries out his schemes. Give up anger, abandon fury, do not be vexed; it can only do harm."
Title: Small Pomegranate
Texts: Psalm 37
Size: 6"x8"

Small Pomegranate - Inktober Micrography Print


Size: 6"x8"
Recommended Framing: 6"x8" or 11"x14"