New Design - from #Inktober2019 / #Inktober5780 - Day 23: "Official" Inktober prompt "Build" + Jewish Inktober prompt "Forgiveness"

The Tower of Babel image is filled with the account of the story (B'reishit/Genesis 11:1-9), repeated 5 times to fill the piece.
The story primarily serves as an etiological myth for why humanity would develop so many different spoken languages, but commentaries go wild with this 9-verse-long biblical vignette. In my interpretation, the peoples of the earth have been seeking forgiveness for their tower-building arrogance ever since by working to build bridges across the cracks between languages and cultures.
Title: Tower of Babel
Texts: Genesis 11:1-9
Size: 8"x10"

This piece can be inscribed in small script for free with a short note, name, date, or other information in Hebrew and/or English! (In the same handwriting as the rest of the piece.)

A full calligraphy inscription can be added for $15. Get in touch with Rae via the Contact form or on the RaeAn Designs Facebook page to get your custom calligraphed piece set up!

Tower of Babel Micrography Print