One-of-a-kind, hand-etched glass kiddush cup featuring a Tree of Life design, with pomegranates sprouting from seven branches, personalized to include a name or word of your choice. (The sample images show a kiddush cup made for a Sarah.) 

Seven is the biblical number of perfection, for on the seventh day G-d rested, and there was perfect shalom -- peace, or in another form of the same root, completion. We wish one another a Shabbat Shalom, a sabbath of peace, but also of completion -- completing the cycle of the week, but also personal completion. On Shabbat, we seek the sense of peace that comes with knowing that one is complete, even if only for a brief moment, in that short seventh of the week set aside for rest.

Some believe the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden was a pomegranate tree; the Torah is also called the Tree of Life. The rabbis say that the fully ripe pomegranate has 613 seeds, the same number of commandments as can be found in the Torah.

This piece is designed and etched by hand through a layered chemical etching process which takes about two or three days to complete. Allow a week before shipping for designing and etching your glass.

Perfect as a gift to wish B'nai Mitzvah or happy couples well in their journey to incorporate the Tree of Life into their own lives and homes.

Care: Hand-wash only.

Tree of Life Kiddush Cup (Custom)