Glass Kiddush cup with a White Fire design and the words "kiddush" and "borei p'ri hagafen" (the last 3 words of the blessing for the wine). 

Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) speaks of the Torah in terms of "black fire on white fire" -- the black fire are the letters themselves, while the white fire is the space between and around them. Truth and meaning can be found not only in the clearly written words of the black fire, but also in the hidden, unwritten tales hidden between the lines of the text. The Oral Tradition (mishnah, midrash, etc.) is one element of this white fire; another is the meaning and stories we create throughout our lives as Jews.

This piece is designed and etched by hand through a layered chemical etching process which takes about two or three days to complete. This glass can be personalized for an additional $12.

Perfect as a gift to wish B'nai MItzvah or happy couples well in their journey to etch the white fire into their own lives.

Care: Hand-wash only.

White Fire Kiddush Cup

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