Project Assistance

Projects are playing an increasingly large role in modern education as Project-Based Learning (PBL) and similar learning theories permeate the field. When schools first start incorporating projects, however, the complexity and detail involved can be overwhelming. Rae has significant experience overseeing, coordinating, troubleshooting, and providing other support for educational projects, and she can help your school's projects go the extra mile!

Sample projects Rae has assisted:

  • 4th Grade Haggadah project (year-long)

  • 6th Grade Siddur project (year-long)

  • K-7 Mezuzah project (6 weeks)

  • 7th Grade Micrography project (3 weeks)

  • Confirmation (10th grade) Tallit project (8 weeks)

Supervision / Coordination


If you are about to undertake a big project and want help with ensuring its educative 
success from start to finish, Rae can provide supverisory and coordinative efforts among teachers, specialists, administration, and students to ensure the quality of a project's (a) design, (b) timetable, and (c) final product. She will help you craft a vision for the project that is both educative and attainable, and work with you throughout the year as needed to make that vision into reality.


​Fees: $70 initial consultation and planning up to 4 hours; weekly or hourly rate to be determined based on the scope of the project.




Already have a momentous class- or school-wide project underway, and things just seem to be getting a smidge overwhelming? Rae can step in to troubleshoot the most common problem areas in big projects: communication protocols, timetables, division of labor, and logistics for the final presentation event. When hiring Rae to troubleshoot, you retain full control of the project's scope, direction, and vision, while she works to smooth out the bumps along the way. 


Fees: $60 initial consultation meeting up to 3 hours, weekly or flat rate to be determined based on the scope of the project.






References for all types of Project Assistance available upon request.

Finishing / Publishing

Have you spent weeks or months creating beautiful art or writing with your class to put together into a book -- but the technology just isn't cooperating to put it all together? Rae can digitize and create publishable digital documents from any materials your students have created. You can choose to then have the document printed yourself, or Rae can have her usual print shop create your masterpiece and ship the final product to you. 

Turnaround time will depend on the amount of student material involved. 


Fees: $50 initial consultation and formatting meeting up to 3 hours; flat rate for project compilation to be determined based on the scope of the project.



You can view some previous projects Rae has finished/published in a Google Drive folder: 
Sample Published Projects

Keep in mind that all artwork within belongs to the students who created it -- please do not print or distribute without contacting me!